I have a Crate VTX200S guitar combo amp that can also double as a head. Could I hook up a 2x10 200W bass cab and safely play bass through it?
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you could, but the tone wouldnt be as good. best bet is to buy a cheap 200W bass head.
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i don't think it would be good for the combo, so no
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i dont know exactly. i know you can use bass heads and cabs to play a guitar trough, but i've heard you can blow a guitar amp if you use a bass with it.

your case might be interesting cuz i dont know if you blow the guitar amp head by playing bass throught it, but i would better get a cheap bass amp than risking my guitar amp.

and i would listen to letthebassplay cuz he is bassist and i'm a guitarrist

As long as you're running through bass speakers, nothing will break. Might not sound terribly good though.

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It would work. I have heard of bassists using guitar tube amp head to give added bite in addition to their bass heads. To use one by itself... well that's a matter of taste.
All that matters in terms of damaging equipment here is the speaker impedance load.

This should be written on both the cabinet you'll be plugging into, and near the speaker outputs of the amp.

Assuming you're only using a single cab (multiple is a little more complicated), then you're in no danger as long as the speaker impedance is greater than or equal to the minimum the amp outputs can handle.

It will likely sound dreadful, but bass speakers are able to handle a full range of frequencies so they won't have problems provided the speaker load is ok.

Bass amps into guitar cabs are a different matter, of course