Specifically, do you write the music first, then tune and adapt your guitar accordingly,
or do you write music based on your favorite tunings and adapt it to the guitar?
Compose on keyboard then play parts of it on guitar. Except I don't have a keyboard anymore so I'm getting quite frustrated with my lack of productivity...
I usually write lyrics as poems or such. I write them for myself and then if I like some of it I'll try to gel it with some music.
Uh... I don't create the music. It reveals itself to me.

I have this theory that music already exists, you see, and we musicians are the ones who can pick it out if we search for the correct combination of notes, the correct style. This is why you'll sometimes play stuff that "just sounds right", and sometimes really struggle for crap.



Basically I screw around on the guitar until I find something.

Sometimes I just have a creative flow going, and I have the tune all set up in my head fully written. At that point it's just a rush to get it on my mp3 or in guitar pro or something before I forget it
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I tend to improvise, get ideas from that, hope for the best when I record.
It takes some time getting the layers right, in time, sounding good together, and thinking of new ideas, but it usually just comes.
I'm not big on lead work. I like to strum chords with a nice drone and slow rhythm.
I really can't think of lyrics, I might just describe my dreams or something similar lol.
I screw around for a bit of my guitar and sometimes something pops up that sounds good and i start with that

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ive written quite a few peices, most of which i forget, but ive never written lyrics. im not very poetic.

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