I'm going to inherit a first act electric (whoop-de-crap) from my neighbor who never really picked up guitar. Anyways... since it's free, I'm deciding to soup it up with new pickups and tuners probably. It's the one-humbucker one, and I wanted a guitar for metal, so I was looking at these pickups called quad rails on ebay. They have like 24k output, and have alnico magnets (so yeah, bassy). Well, to get to the question: Will this pickup hurt my peavey classic 50? I've heard of some people's amps getting damaged because of too hot of a pickup. Would this 24k pickup hurt mine?

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if it's a solid state then it will blow up

The high output is meant to drive preamp tubes to the max, so i wouldnt worry. Seeing as you have a classic 50, you're fine
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Not at all. The worst that could happen is you'd be out of a clean channel, since it might distort with that much input.
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