A while back I picked up a Dean ML X, mostly as something to just pick up and go. No trem system (aside from my fingers), just a string though body, a dark natural finish and a black headstock. I got this puppy to basicly abuse and play hard and practice since my Kelly pro needed repaired.

Now the Kelly is fixed and I need a new amp to use the Baby to its full potential. This leaves the Dean as a back up to do as I see fit. I want to have some fun, experiment with the guitar, stuff I would not do to the kelly.

I have thought about
Stickers (obvious)
Switching the pickups, though I suspect they are the same
Reversing the pickups, not sure what that would do
Getting some new pickups, I think anything would be a step up from the stock ones in this thing.

The action seems a bit high, so maybe I could lower that.
Put some 10s or 11s on this thing and drop down to D standard for a while

After that, nothing else comes to mind. Anyone have ideas?
You can wire up your pickups for splitting as well, and phase in/out.
I have no idea what I'm talking about. Don't belive me.
Cool thanks!
I thought about maybe a black diamond plate (plastic of course) to cover the body, because I have not seen many MLs with one.