I'm in the process of getting a job, so my parents may end up letting me pay monthly on a new axe. I figured a $1,000 guitar, I could probably pay that off in a year easily.

What are my options? I was thinking a Gibson Explorer, ESP Eclipse, basically anything that will keep me set STOCK.

I play a mix of hard rock and metal. I sometimes play classic rock, but it's mostly a heavier take on it. I want something with a decent size body, not something that will feel like a toy in my hands.
IMO, the Jackson DKMG should suit you well. It comes in both Floyd-Rose or Tune-o-matic setups, and is great for rock and metal, and it plays like a dream
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get a ibanez they hace great dimizario pickups

and the bodies are great

i would personnally get a v-blade great sound and feel

but for all around get a nice rg just go to guitar center and you'll see quite a bit of rg's
I have an ESP Eclipse. Awesome for metal. Average for cleaner stuff but I love it! Hey that's just my opinion.
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Look at schecter hellraiser, well pretty much anything schecter and you won't be disappointed. i own a hellraiser fr, and a c-1 plus and couldn't be happier!
i would go with a fender strat standard.
i love that thing.
or a gibson les paul.
i have an epiphone explorer, and the body gets kinda annoying sometime.
but honestly, id go with the strat. make sure its a fender too. very good quality, and its lasted me a long time.
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The gibson explorer korina or goth model would look to suit. The goth especially since it has emg's and your into heavier things, but that jackson mentioned earlier would be cool to
if you can pull more like 1300 get a gibson les paul studio, it plays top of the line and the pickups really kick, its hard to beat a lp
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The Jackson SL3 is looking nice as well. I'm really leaning towards an Explorer, but the SL3 is looking nice.
LP or a Strat Imo.
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i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove gibson explorers!!! go for it!
I was considering a Fender Showmaster ($630), or buying a Standard/60's/70's strat and modding it.
I say les Paul. For all round rock.

Strats are good, but the single coils limit them a bit. I always switch from my strat to les paul for harder stuff
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If you want something with a Floyd, then the ESP M-II is an awesome choice.

If you don't want the Floyd, they also have their Viper and Eclipse II lines.
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if you can pull more like 1300 get a gibson les paul studio, it plays top of the line and the pickups really kick, its hard to beat a lp
Jesus, never, ever touch a Studio. The Epiphone versions will give you a heart attack, and the Gibson ones aren't much better.
Despite the tech specs being as good as the full Standard versions, they're made with absolutely no care whatsoever. You end up replacing every single damn thing about it, and even then it still doesn't sound right 'cause it lacks the additional top and the top graded wood.

Anyway. If you're looking for a Gibson, try the LP Classic, or the Explorer is a good choice but you'll probably want to upgrade the pickups; a problem if you want to keep it as stock.

ESP is probably your best bet really. When you're talking the one thousand price mark, ESP certainly out perform Ibanez, and can easily match up to (and beat) Gibson, if that's the kind of quality standard you're aiming for. ESP's LP copies are particularly good, as are their V copies. I can't say too much on their Explorer copies as I only know people who have played them and not actually played one myself, but from what I hear, they're just as solid as any other ESP.
- ESP LTD EC-1000 Deluxe (Transparent Blue)
- Gibson Explorer (White or Sunburst)
- Jackson SL3 Soloist (Trans Blue)

I can't really buy used, since I would be paying monthly.
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I'd rather try out the guitar before I buy, so that rules out Carvins. I'll be doing bagging at the local grocery story, so i'd expect to be able to easily make payments of $100/month, which really opens my options up to a lot of guitars.
a gibson sg standard would be good, if you could go that much heigher..
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hey well cant go wrong with a fender strat or tele and if u cant afford one go for the squier version they sound just as good
I could probably make an SG Standard work. My buddy has one, played it once and it was nice.

I'm going to GC on friday or sunday, so I plan on trying a bunch of these and others out.
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- ESP LTD EC-1000 Deluxe (Transparent Blue)
- Gibson Explorer (White or Sunburst)
- Jackson SL3 Soloist (Trans Blue)

I can't really buy used, since I would be paying monthly.
Or a Epiphone Elitist.