Hello. I need to copy songs onto a blank disk, but I don't have any empty blank disks so I put one in that is full and pulled it up in the media player to delete everything on it, but it doesn't work/I can't figure out how to. When I right click the cd name the "erase disk" thing isn't clickable.

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i'm pretty sure you can't do that
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It has to be a Re-Writable disc, If it isn't you can't do that
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It has to be a Re-Writable disk, If it isn't you can't do that

Isn't there programs that could do that for him?
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Isn't there programs that could do that for him?

No, the physical disc has to be a Re-Writable disk, a CD-RW. The standard type of disk is a CD-R, which is only recordable.
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Isn't there programs that could do that for him?

Not that I know of, I always thought that unless you had a Re-Writable disc once it's burned onto the CD it won't come off.

I could be wrong though
usually the answer to this question is that WMP is your problem. which it isnt. the problem, like its been said, is your disk. and CD-Rs arent taht expensive to buy.

and get winamp
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you can't burn to a used CD-R. no programs will do it, nothing can do it. its physically impossible.
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A Cd-R is like regular cds you buy at the store, once they are used they are used. CD-RW can be used as many times as you want until they get replace by blu ray or something like that, or get destoryed or to many scratches etc etc etc.