I used to have a Vox AD30VT hybrid combo amp and really liked it, but traded it in for something else bigger/better. Now it's time to downsize, so going to trade my big amp in for the new XL version of the same amp I used to have, but want to know what the differences are?

I know the new XL series has a higher gain, which I like as I have a metal monsters guitar(Hellraiser), but are there any other differences or is that it?
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I don't think that there are that many differences except for the higher gain thing
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XL has a 12 inch speaker, normal one has a 10inch. Not sure but the XL might also have an effects loop and/or a speaker out.
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would it be wiser to get the ad30vt and a od/distortion pedal or just get the xl one?
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Just get the XL.
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