So i went to my local music store today. they usually have pretty good fender guitars and not much else. So i walk in and the first thing i see is a Randall full-stack, totally not my thing. So i look around at other amps, and i catch out of the corner of my eye a BV-120 half stack.

Ive never tried one, so i sat there for like 30 min just messin with it. I didnt like it at all, cleans was decent but i thought the OD channel sounded like bees. Maybe its cause i couldnt eq it. so i go ask help from a guy that works at the store, see if he can eq it, he managed to get the clean channel to sound alright but still fizzy thin distortion. BTW i tried that with a 90's Mexi strat SSS and a G&L tribute.

Then i thought i would try to thicken the sound up, looked all over the store for a decent humbuckered guitar, though all i found was a LP studio. So i knew it wouldnt sound that great, but it didnt seem to thicken up at all. The neck pup on the LP was usuable on the clean channel but lacking majorly in the gain channel.

I wasnt looking for OMG IcanSWEEPfasterTHANyouDEATHmetal distortion, just useable for clssic rock. I tried some AC/DC, SRV, clapton, T-bone, John Mayer. I just couldnt get this amp to work for me. Is it just me, because i think i have a pretty decent ear for tone.

BTW the randall im not sure the model was full snake skin covering for $700. not my thing at all, but im just kinda curious if thats a good deal because the shop usually likes to up the prices a bit.

Thats all i did today, besides work. Real big contribution for the day.


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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

If you are talking about the Crate Blue Voodoo those are common complaints about those amps.
yea the Blue Voodoo. i havent heard much about them, so i just posted what i thought.

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

I played through one over 15 years ago and thought it sounded alright. All of the forums I've visited talk bad about it. They bring up the same issues you did. I'd give it a pass.
Yeah, the BV is lackluster at best. One of my friends had one for a while, he's replacing it with an engl.

And I prefer half-diminished spam. That b5 makes it mmm...tasty.
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