what are the standard gauge bass strings? what size.... and whats a good brand to start off with... do bass strings need changing more then guitar strings?
the most common size i think is 105 to 75, but I'm no string expert so don't take my word for it. Ernie Ball is good brand to start off with and no a decent set of bass strings should last a lot longer than a normal set of electric guitar strings.

Does that answer your questions?
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Standard gauge I believe is 45, 65, 85, 105.

EBs are good because they are some of the cheapest / good quality you can find out there (but what kind of sound are you looking for? What kind of music?)

How long they last depends on how much you play. I play daily and mine go dead in about 3 months or less. Also how well you take care of your bass can shorten or lengthen the useful life of your bass strings. Cleaning your hands before you play and wiping the strings down afterwards can make a world of difference.
I currently use Ernie Balls, but I have a couple packs of Rotosound that I'll put on when my ernie balls wear out. It may just be bad use, but I've had strings break on all of my Ernie ball sets, though it usually takes a couple months.
Yeah, I started off with the same strings as a7xengage. They're pretty well-rounded and worth the cash.
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As far as bass strings being changed as often as guitar strings, I'd say yes, they stay fresh for the same amount of time. If you like that fresh sound, you'll want new strings often. If you like a mellower sound, you'll let them stay for a long time. The strings themselves don't last any longer because they're thicker (but granted all wound strings last longer than plain strings).
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Ernie Ball is probably the best brand to start with, since tons of people can agree that they're on the better side of the quality scale. But once you buy a set of them and it's time to change strings, try something else.

Personally I prefer DR strings over Ernie Ball. But they're a lot more expensive.
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