Well guys, I'm looking to buy a new amp. I'd prefer a halfstack and I play primarily metal and hardcore. My budget is roughly $2500.
peavey 5150/6506, mesa boogie perhaps? (might be stretching the budget a little)

although this should go in GG&A forum...im sure you'de get better responses
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i got my mark IV and 2x12 recto cab for $2500 and it can definitely do metal
WOW nice budget! i wish i could spend that much...how about a krank?
youd still have alot more money left over too!
im getting a randall dynamic tube hlaf stack for roughly 920
Yeah, i am thinking Krank as well, I need to try one out first, but I have to find a shop near me that sells them.
^Krank are an aquired taste, and some say overpriced/overhyped.

Mesa F series, mabye Mark IV. Or possibbly a 6505 II/5150+, but that's not using the whole budget.
Well, it's not necessary to use the whole budget. I can either save the rest, or put it towards pedals if I need any. I'd also like to pick up a rackmount tuner. But, I have played on a Krank Revolution once and I liked it, but it was only for a few minutes at a friend's show that his band was playing. It was also using his guitar, which was a Schecter Hellraiser, but, that is similar sound to my LP, so from what I've heard so far I enjoy the sound of them.

I'll check out Mesa too though.
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definately its mondoloud or ultra quiet
about 2,000 dollars