I've bind watching this video several times and i can't figure out which year this is but one thing is clear WTF! was up with Billie in those days O.o He got tripple-chins and like very fat/large neck and his arms are very big but still kinda-muscle. Anyway which year was this and why did he look like this ? Depressed and ate pizza and beer all day long O.o

Doesn't look fat to me...

by the way.. the end of that vid was somewhat entertaining (the trumpet and trombone player). can't believe the drummer trashed all that good equipment.
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really. you soo cant deny that music is at least 80% image. any time a rockstar goes into a slump.
he loses a huge fan base. keeping in shape is the way to keep your popularity blaring. unless if you are seemingly trademark fat like meatloaf. i know its lame that it has almost nothing to do with talent but.... it is the way things go.
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wow, who cares?

does it make him any less of a person because he wasn't hollywood skinny?
No, not at all. I just wondered if it was because of somthing that have happend
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