ok theres just a few things i can't figure out..

i noticed there's a ton of dead space between staffs, is there any way i can make them print closer together so i dont have to use so many pages?

how do i print just one section of a song?
use the justify feature
it looks like this:


nvm i misread the question
sweet thanks but ok i just remembered one more...

how do i map shortcuts...i can't seem to find the option anywhere...
crap one more...how do i delete spaces that i dont want??? i tried backspace and delete but that didnt get rid of it
the spaces I believe represent the length of the note... I do not really suggest on removing it, but if you do want to this is how.

Take the note with the space you wish to adjust, change it to a 1/8
go directly behind and place the note you wish next.
Go back and change it back as it was

EX: say it was a half note, then simply change that half note to a 1/8, place the next note in the measure as it should be, then go back and change that 1/8 again to a half.

it's complicated... but hell... it works