Hello, im currently going 2 buy a bc rich mocking bird. and i really need help figuring out a pickup that matches a sound like an artist that i want it to be.. The guitar of his looks like this http://www.fernandes.co.jp/musicians_model_series/hide/mg145s_index.html and the sound of his guitar sounds like this http://youtube.com/watch?v=Beujgb0OBeY (Starts at 3:34). Also, i was wondering where u can get thoughs pickups he uses?and i was wondering is there any other effects or any pickups that sound like it.? Please Help i would be very happy
80% Guitar Tone = Amplifier. Try getting an amp close to what his is. And don't buy B.C Rich Mockingbird, they suck royally.
hmm.. right now i got a vintage club 20 crate amp tube. right now. and i got a fender strat squire with a dimarzio chopper in the bridge. Do u have any suggestions of what pickups or effects he uses???

People in harmony central said stuff like this about it?? but i don't know what it means plz help.. http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Guitar/produ ct/Fernandes/MG-120X+X-Japan+Hide+Signature+Model/10/1

-Also why is a mocking bird bad???
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Don't count on upgrading pickups until you get the guitar and have played it a while. You may find you don't need them.
really why u say that???

- why are bc rich mocking bird bad bronze series..???
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the bronze series just isnt a good series for BC Rich. they make good high end guitars but you can buy better for the price

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

Thx ssguitar. Can someone help me plz figure out my first problem up above.. thx...