Poll: How do you use UG forums?
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View poll results: How do you use UG forums?
New posts button
1 2%
Individual forums
30 73%
Little of both
10 24%
Voters: 41.
Do you enter the individual forums?

or click the new posts button?

new posts button ftw!

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I love that song! You are god for putting it into a poem

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Your hair is fckin epic, dude!!!


Quote by rmr024
no ****in way!
I don't even know you but I think I love you...

So awesome.

I hate my fucking username.
If there's anything interesting on the front page, I'll usually click on that. But otherwise I go straight to the Pit or more recently the bass forum.
If you could blow up the world with a flick of a switch,
Would you do it?

If you could make everybody poor just so you could be rich,
Would you do it?

With all your power,
What would you do?
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It's sometimes the only way they're tolerable.

Plus, alcohol makes me quite philosophical.
The refresh button is your friend.
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"so you mean if the father is sterile, the kid will be sterile too?"

Proof God exists and evolution is a lie:
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the prove is u because u did n create urself and ur parents dindt and their parents didnt and so on and we are not monkeys peace

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The refresh button is your friend.

Refresh is for n00bs.

F5 is for real internauts.
this is a new low, reading a thread about reading threads
Living is easy with eyes closed...

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I'm surprised you returned to this thread after cheeseman owned you.
There's a new posts button?? Ha...

I always go like this:

Musician Talk
Electric Guitar
(Sometimes customizations)
(Sometimes classifieds)

And sometimes I work backwards.
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