I have a Marshall AVT-150H. In my band we play a lot of metal and hardrock. I like the distortion channels on it a lot. But it really lacks in cleans. It gets really muddy when at high volumes. I was thinking about saving up for Peavey JSX or a Carvin V3, but since I don't have a job that will be a long time to get that.

Recently the hole for the whammy bar on my samick got stripped so I can't use the whammy anymore. It's a liscensed under floyd rose bridge and it sucks at staying in tune. The other thing I don't like is the neck doesn't play all that well. (Especially compared to my Kelly) It's not bad but it could be a lot better. So I would want to get a new neck, and either an original floyd rose or a schaller floyd rose bridge. Also I was playing this awesome Jackson Dinky the other day with a Fernandes Sustainer on it, and that was a really cool feature on it. So I would probably pick up one of those to.
So my questions are:
1. Should I wait a longer time to get the JSX or the V3? If so, which one? I know both of them would be an extreme upgrade on distortion and on cleans but which one is better? OR is there some way I can clear up the cleans on my Marshall. Drummer is really loud btw. And my cab is a Peavey Supreme.

2. Should I get the neck, bridge and sustainer for guitar? If so, what's a good neck that plays fast (under 250 $)? which bridge? and can I install a sustainer or would I have to get a new guitar with it already in? cuz I don't want to mess around with routing and stuff.

Have you tried some thread sealer (teflon tape) around the stripped whammy? Might tighten it up and make it usable. You can get it at any hardward store.