I want a buncha people who live in Maryland/DC. I want a drummer who is pretty good to amazing. I want a bassist who can do slaps at the LEAST and is pretty good to amazing. I want a 2nd guitarist/singer who is a guy who can scream, sing, do hamer ons, pulloffs, and knows drop D tuning. You don't have to be that good but you have to be a fast learner. Everyone has to be within the age 12-14 age range. you have to like...hmmm...green day, blink 182, AFI, senses fail, and, most important of all, BOB DYLAN! private message me 4 info. BTW, this is an online band. no in-persons.
Also. I dont care if ur a guy or a girl unless you want to be the lead singer. then you have to be a guy.
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