hmm god knows where this should go ,,,, this forum will do

Can anyone recommend me some blues guitar music?

I've like recently gotten into Stevie Ray Vaughn, that texas blues dude and I love it but the thing is I'm having trouble finding more music like it

So basically mroe fiery blues guitar artists please :p thanking you in advance
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Gary Moore "Blues Alive", Jimi Hendrix "Catfish Blues", anything by Albert King.
more fiery than stevie ray vaughan?

from there it'd go to like... aerosmith or ac/dc. and maybe zeppelin too.
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nope more fiery stuff like him,,,,not more fiery than him

and thanks
Dean Razorback V 255 (explosion finish)
Jackson KX10 (amber sunburst)
Yamaha ERG121
random 50 quid acoustic
Randall RG50TC
try mark knopfler/ dire straits.
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Albert King, Freddy King, and Kenny Wayne Shephard are amazing for that stuff.
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check out some Johnny Winter stuff, a lot of his blues covers are pretty "fiery" as you call it.
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try Buddy Guy
Los lonely boys has something similar to SRV, but not of the same kind
go the 'blues and jazz' forum in the 'bands and artists' forum.

you will get plenty of threads on stevie ray, buddy guy etc.
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Already been said but what the heck!!!! I reckon Joe Bonamassa, Albert and Freddy King, Dereck Trucks.........
definatly buddy guy
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rory gallagher!!!!!
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Alot of stuff by Hendrix and Led Zep is heavier blues, even though it my not sound like it. EC and Cream are always a good bet. Improvising is another way, just learn a blues scale and play what you feel