I am still fairly new to guitar but I think my current setup no longer cuts it for me. I am looking to spend less than a grand on both guitar and amp. So far I am looking at an agile 3500 and peavey XXX. I haven't had a chance to play either yet but I would like your guys input. I am trying to split my cash or at least make it close so that I get as good of a setup as I can. I am aiming for more of a warmer sound with distortion. I have a beat on ym computer that is exactly what I am aiming for but I don't really want to upload it for everyone to hear. I might be able to find something where I could get a short clip of the guitar for you guys to hear but so far this band comes somewhat close.

Listen to sell your soul, its close to that but maybe with a bit more distortion. Would the agile 3500/peavey XXX work well for that?

Also I can't seem to find anywhere to buy the peavey XXX combo anymore, anyone know where to get one or perhaps another good versatile amp that would be worth picking up?
Hmm...now that I think about it an amp that has various FX like flanger would be nice. Any good amps that stand out?

Also how about the guitar I posted?
If you want an amp with effects, than a Vox Valvetronix or a Roland Cube wouldn't be too bad.

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Yeah my friend wants to make a hip hop/rock band and I haven't heard of a lot from that genre so I decided I would browse myspace to try and find a guitar sound that I want to aim for. I am not a fan of their music but do like the way their guitar sounds.