Alright so I'm thinking about buying a Big Muff Pi, I've done research so I know its a pretty reliable pedal, I've listen to every sound clip and watched every video on YouTube about it and blah blah blah. I just wanted to get some feedback from people that own this pedal or used to own this pedal, you get the idea. I currently have a Boss BD-2, not a bad pedal but if I start playing shows and getting more serious its gonna be the first thing to go for sure. I also have a Morely Bad Horsie 2 Wah, originally wanted to get the Cry Baby strictly because its a classic but this one works just fine for me as of now. My main question is could I rely on the Big Muff, not only for a fuzz, but also a my OD/Disto pedal? I am looking for a dirtier sound but its not gonna maxed out fuzz all the time so...let me know guys.

P.S. I play blues, rock, classic rock nonsense. The alternative fuzz pedal was the Dunlop Fuzz Face strictly because its a classic I've never played it before but I feel like it's a little dated at this point in time and I'd do fine with the Big Muff. Let me know.
sounds best with single coil pups as opposed to hums. boosts the bass level of anything you play it with and is definately fuzzier and warmer than boss distortions. i had some problems with it with low wattage amps. play it through at least a 60 watt tube or 100 watt solid state to get a good muff sound.
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That's good news....Yeah I have a Strat HSS but I'm mainly playing with the neck pickups anyways but I mean I'm sure I could get away with it.
Deffinately get a Sovtek imo. Great pedal.
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much better and responsive than my friends boss ds1

i can get a really pure tone thats great for leads and if i roll back the gain a bit its great for rythm... i can really nail quite a few pumpkins/radiohead tones even with my solidstate

one complaint is that it's a little hard to distinguish the notes in complex chords but i attribute that more to my ****ty pickups than anything else
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ive got this pedal. amazing for nirvana type of music. dont expect it to sound metallica or pantera...with your music, maybe thisll suit you. and o ya, mine sucked with a practice amp.
I have the Russian made Big Muff, and it's lovely.

Pros: Creamy, eternally sustaining, massive fuzz. Dynamic controls. Each seems to have it's own personality. Vibey on your pedalboard. Softens your attack somewhat on some settings (pro or con)

Cons: Unreliable, as the russian ones are somewhat eraticaly made. Big, it takes up a bit of space. No built in AC jack. Not true bypass (but I hear it's an easy mod). Painfully feedbackey on some settings (again, pro and con).

All in all, probably the most fun you'll have for a $60 pedal.