okay..well i've been playing guitar since i was about 13..so 3 years and i've pretty much quit out i have 4 guitars, an ibanez RVX220BK w/ dimarzio X2N and Air norton, a jackson( i always forget the model name) it has 3 single coils, a tremolo( not locking) and a soloist headstock, an Epiphone Special II( pretty much vintage) and my first guitar, my Montana( cheap-o brand) acoustic. I play alot of Avenged Sevenfold/311 stuff w/ my buddy sam and i have a crate V1512 tube amp..really has alot of gain if you push it. i love my amp.. well i'm getting a job and hope to have 1500 by the end of the month my question to you guys is what kind of guitars are there out there that can meet my needs? i've been looking at ESP LTD's like the EC series and they look promising. I'd like to spend ~800 due to modifications to my 1995 lexus SC300 but i'm willing to hold out on that
the EC is a great series, u can get a 400 i think for like, 450 w/ S.Ds or Emg's. or a schecter in the 5-600 range. perfect for the A7X stuff. thatll leave plenty for the car.
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what is the neck like on the EC? the only ec i've played is the LTD james hetfield version it was comfortable yet still somewhat beefy..coming from an ibanez and jackson i like them medium thin
if you dont spend the 800 on the car right now, youll end up with guitar thats actually worthwhile. If you do decide to go with the car, dont immediately spend the rest on a new guitar. Instead, save up till your choice is once again not limited by cash.
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