the fender fm212's aren't bad if you use a distortion pedal. they have good clean sounds
Randalls are the best in my opinion
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Wait, Fender Princetons are SS, right?
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I'm not really going to contribute to anything, but I would like to add that the threadstarter is talking about high end solid state amps; Cubes and FM212s do not fit in this category.

edit: ^^ the new ****ty princetons are.
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Sunn solid state amps are really really nice, especially for distortion. I think Adam Jones from Tool and Buzz Osborne from The Melvins both used them for recording.
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Flextone, Pritchard, and that really really expensive solid state PRS amp.
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Peavey Transtube Series.

I have an old peavey special 212, got it for 225 USD, and it's golden, i love the thing. I'm not sure how much it was new, it's probably ten years old, if someone has any idea, let me know, I love to see how much of a bargain i got.
Wow, we hit the bottom of the barrel pretty quick

I never did like the Jazz chorus, but some of the older rivera-designed fenders have a pretty sweet, warm OD. I like those big Roland keyboard amps for squeaky-clean jazz playing, too.
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Randall T2

he said FULL SS, not hybrids. the v2 and t2 are hybrids
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