Thank you for actually posting a "I have tried this bass, it seems ok, any pros or cons before we buy" vs "ummm what bass should I buy".

I know a fellow student at the studio where I take lessons who has that bass. It plays well and while I am not entirely crazy about the looks of the model in white, he's been really happy with it as his starter bass.
I like Ibanez. You usually get a lot of bass for the money when it's compared to other brands. They have extremely thin necks though, so make sure you're 100% comfy playing them.
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def. love that model, in white its probably the sexiest bass ibanez makes, its actually really good for a starter bass from what i've played, if you've got the money go ahead, its a smart decision
haha my first bass was a half ibanez, half fender model...that my guitar teacher would call frankenstein
basically it had a ibanez body and a fender neck...black and blue...wish i kept that bass...would've been a good laugh from time to time

i'd also look into OLP's gear...i've had one that's lasted me 8 years (and still going)
he didn't ask for alternatives, he asked about the bass cuz he can get a deal on it...
It's a good bass for the money. it looks best in the white.
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It's a pretty solid beginner bass. Plays fairly smoothly, has a decent range for alternative tunings (though the one I toyed around with sound like crap if you got below open D), decent tone, and a pretty fast neck once you get adjusted to it. All and all I say go for it, if the deal is good you can always get something better once you have some idea of your own personal likes and dislikes. Also, don't be afraid to buy used. Chips in the paint won't effect how well you can learn, nor the sound quality.
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Thanks for the help guys. We will be getting this bass now. Unfortunately the one at the shop is in black (we like the white more) but it still looks good. Most websites say it's $300 but we can get it in the store for $250.