so im carving pumpkins with 2 of my friends tomorrow

ill post pictures when im done.

post pics of what you guys have carved!
i have procrastinated in doing that. but i wanna do it cause i wanna get all the pumpkin seeds out and cook them cause there so damn good.
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I don't have enough time to carve one, but I would carve out a Mudkip, if I had the chance.
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holy balls to that death star one.

anyways.. im carving some right now actually, but i dont have any way of getting em up here so.. oh well.
we used peppers for the nose and eyes on one of them.
My girlfriend and I did this one; this is the night we carved it. (About a week and a half ago.) Now it is an aged, very creepy looking guardian of our driveway.
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I saw this earlier today (on /b/, of all places):
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i did one of the offspring skull almost perfectly last year... ill see if i can find a picture
I'm actually doing a pumpkin carving contest tomorrow at school.
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I carved one to look like the mushroomhead face logo. but no pictures of the pumpkin itself.
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i made a "nontraditional" pumpkin for a school project. you basically have to build something else with a pumpkin, and keep enough traditional components of the jack-o-lantern so that it is slightly recognizable. i made a guitar of course :P: pics when i can get them on my comp

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