So I just started jamming with a drummer, and i haven't needed to crank the volume right up until now, but i discovered a problem. The feedback i guess just ****ing screeches a blood curdling screech once i get to a certain volume. So i stood as far away from my amp as possible and turned down the treble and drive, but by the time the screeches stops i've got like NO umph to my channel, it sounds basically clean and i'm playing metal. i ended up using my friends ****ty distortion pedal, which didn't screech. Help?
Oh yeah I'm using a line 6 spider I've got my pickups really raised, may that be the probelm?
you could have ****ty pickups.
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Uh, there bc rich. i think I'm gunna try and lower them, i really think that might be the problem now
^dont lower the pick ups thats not the problem... the problem is that most solid state amps have noisy distortion regardless... get a good distortion pedal (and hopefully a better amp) and that should cut out alot of the extra noise
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