Been lurking for a while, but i think its time to pick up a more serious guitar. Decided to get some help from UG

My choice of candidates would be:

ESP EC-500
Ibanez RG1570 Or Something similar in the RG line
Ibanez JS100 (Some guy is selling it near me for 500$ mint condition with case)

Now i don't have alot of guitar knowledge, and i haven't played many brands, so im open to the idea of something other than what i listed. Any help and recomendations are appreciated. I think my limit would be 800$. Style of play would be mostly metal
Pretty much all types of metal, i don't have a preference. Also i would like to atleast have 24 frets
Hmmmm... I believe the Iommi SG has 24, and it's a beast metal guitar. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Epiphone-Tony-Iommi-Signature-G400-Electric-Guitar?sku=518555
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Meh, the JS100 is balls, dont go for it.

The RG1570 is a nice guitar, but keep in mind you'll have to swap the pickups to really get the sweetness out of it.

The EC-500 is pretty cool as well, stock Seymours/EMG's. I would recommend the ESP LTD.