listen to the song "seven" its the newest song with the best quality.. were instrumental, but are looking for a singer... if you feel like it, listen all the way through, because theres a pretty cool guitar solo halfway though, and one intro solo...
k thanks
It's pretty good, some parts are slightly out of time and stuff. It sounds like the type of stuff my band made when we had just started out and before we had a singer. The recording quality was ok for what you are doing. Overall I liked it, if you keep working at it, it should get a lot better. Would you check out my music? It's under the Alternative Pop Punk thread in this forum. Oh and be a bit more patient haha people don't always respond quickly.
^ yeah thanks alot. we only recorded with 3 mics (2 on drums and 1 mic for both guitars/bass.. and it was all recorded at the same time.. so it sounds better then i thought it would) anyone else....?
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dude you really need to record everything seperate to get a good sound

Actually, if you have a room without too much reverb and a decent condenser mic that can handle high SPL's, then you can record everything into one mic and get a decent sound, you just need to make sure the all your levels are good and everything meshes frequency-wise before you record.

But in terms of your band...there were a couple points where you guys were off, but most of it sounds pretty decent.
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dude you really need to record everything seperate to get a good sound

yeah.. w/e.. it would be kind of hard to do that on that song and i think that it sounds pretty good quality wise... any one else...
hey man loved the songs.......My neighbor plays drums and i've always wanted to play some songs together.....maybe ill ask him....good luck

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OK whoever the idiot that said u need to record seperate is, hes well... and idiot. Second i like it its a tad off time but not half bad
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