i wanted to know if there was a way to get movies onto my ipod without haveing to buy them from itunes. please help
Yeah. Buy them from Walmart
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if ur asking how do u put videos u already have onto ur ipod.. well the ipod only takes mp4 format videos, so u have to convert them, and the program i use is tvc converter
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easy way go to google, go to videos find a video, Make sure it is hosted by google as they are downloadable for ipod. Then drag and drop on itunes where is says movies.

Or find a video on youtube, and go to either vixy.net or converttube.com and type in the youtube address then select ipod
how do i save a movie that i have on the computer so that i can convert the file to mp4?
You need to download a program that converts videos into mp4 such as the one mentioned above.

Media Cell Video converter

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