Hey guys, it's been awhile since I posted anything here so I decided I will. Now I need some constructive criticism on my latest song, With or Without on my Myspace page at www.MySpace.com/ScottKrausMusic. C4C as usual. Also my band has an extremely rough recording at www.MySpace.com/SidetrackedRock. The awesome drumming is by Brandon Mosher.

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Woah guys, this is actually the first post relevant to the thread in a LOOONG time. I applaud you Scotdizzle.

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Pretty good song, a little slow for my taste, but eh. I also thought the thing by your band was cool, catchy riff by the way. I could make complaints, but your guitar playing wasn't one of them,that probably the most solid part of each song.
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You know what, i could happily lay on my bed in the dark & just be mellowed out by this, very bluesy with the soloing, i'd personally would be as gentle as possible so you can bearly hear the picking...but that really is a personal prefrace kinda thing for that style of music...

...Apart from on the guitar, nice voice
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I really like this song, it reminds me a lot of John Frusciante's solo work. This is the type of music I enjoy listening to as I go to sleep.
As far as I can tell, you've got a nice voice, but it's just barely understandable. The second guitar solo is my favorite part, and I like the soft rhythm guitar.

Awesome song
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