do you think it is possible to suck forever. i mean ive been playing for a long time now and i just dont get any better, no matter how much i practice or what i play. are some ppl just not meant to play guitar? im really discouraged and am thinking about giving it up cuz im tired of never getting better and progressing. what do you think?
Giving up = super lame.

Grow some. Keep trying. Have fun, music isn't about who is better, its about joy.

You should try to not try to get better, if that makes any sense. Play for fun, and don't worry about whether you're improving for a little while. You might pull out of your slump and go on to improve faster later.
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^ yup yup. i mean if you really wanna give up then do it. but everyone learns and gets better at a different rate.
God, I'm gonna have one of those freakin' Disney moments... There's no such thing as "not cut out for something", if you really want to do play, then set your mind to it and do it