Yea, so this guy is getting rid of his half stack and I wanted to know what your guy's opinions on it were...

I dont know too much about it other than its a marshal cabnet with some head (120 w) that I have no idea what it is...im thinking it said sunn or something on the front? (i seen the pictures of it off my friends phone).

But I talked with this guy on the phone, and his band broke up and he said hes just looking to get rid of it, with a 11 channel digitech footswitch too. However, the stuff looks fairly old (mabye 7-10 yrs) but he wants to sell it all for 350? Seem like a good deal?

And im going to prolly go check it out this week to see how it sounds, I was just wondering on the price seeing as i dont know much on half stacks....
well the guy just said that he didnt want to make any money on it, but he didnt want to lose any either. He said its just been sitting there for a month and he wants to get rid of it since it takes up space.
Well how do i check if it is or not? Yea, sorry I dont know a lot...I havnt really worried about amps until now since ive upgraded from an acoustic.
It's a Sunn O))) head (Yes, the band is named after the amp they use.)

They have incredible low ranges, but the tone is pretty horrid and only used by doom metal bands from what I hear.

They have one at the Guitar Center by me. I'll try it out for myself next week.
Yea, well the guy let me bring it home to try it out and such, and so now i know a little more...

The cabnet was part of the valvestate II i think... vs412 is printed on the back of it...and the head is a Sunn Concert Lead it has two inputs, normal and brite with distortion and reverb...I just got home with it and its late so i couldnt play it loud, but i was just wondering if there was anymore imput on this because i have a hard time buying things so i just wanted to know if its worth the money...

it also came with a RP10 by digitech not a 11 channel thing like i said earlier but yea, any ideas, I would appreciate it

I believe the Concert Lead is a solid state head. If it sounds alright, then the price for all of it isn't bad as long as everything is in good order.
For what it's worth, they seem to love the Sunn head at Harmony Central.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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