this is a song for the band im starting, tell me what you think. the parts in parentheses are for a girl to sing

hey there,
im writing for you,
and how you’ve made me feel,
these wounds of mine begin to heal because
you were there when I needed you the most
your like my angel,
the one ive always known
when im with you
my heart skips a beat,
i cant find the words to say
or the place to stay,
that keeps me with you

when I sleep,
the dreams are of you,
what I keep
is memories of you
so when im alone,
and I feel at home,
ill take these memories i keep of you
ill hold them close,
I wont let it show,
but inside my heart you grow.

I'm holding on your rope
Got me ten feet off the ground
And I'm hearing what you say
But I can't make a sound
You tell me that you need me
then my feet touch ground

What can I do (what will you do)
What can I say (not much)
To prove to you that im still the same (I pray to god you do)
I won’t leave (that’s not enough)
If you won’t believe
Then I don’t know what I can say (don’t give up)
the girl either needs to be patient or paly an instrument, casue she dont have a lot of lines, and i think would get bored quick

good song nontheless
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sucks u need to erase the girl part or completely think of a new song because, my friend it drags the song down. and for each part of the song needs a similar rhyme scheme. sorry to be harsh man.
lol, this is the only song im gonna write with a girl part in it, its just like a little thing.
to explain it alittle more, when the girl sings, the guy doesnt pause for her, its just kind of in the backround, and ive been working on the firstr verse, its kinda blah right now