do you think it is possible to suck forever. i mean ive been playing for a long time now and i just dont get any better, no matter how much i practice or what i play. are some ppl just not meant to play guitar? im really discouraged and am thinking about giving it up cuz im tired of never getting better and progressing. what do you think?
Well, you probably need to practice more. Maybe you're trying to play too hard of music, I don't know, you have to kind of build up.
if you practice enough, and the practice effectively, I don't think there's anyone that couldn't play guitar. Sure, some people may be more natural with music, but that doesn't mean you can't do it.
Theres a huge difference between practicing and playing. Yes, you eventually get better by playing, but practicing makes you progress much quicker. Make sure your practicing exercises that build your fingers. People that sit around playing power chords all day dont get very good(not saying thats what you do or anything. just giving and example)

I suggest Learning the Modes, and drilling yourself with speed going up and down every one. This will build your finger strength, speed, and it will help increase your knowledge on theory.

If you dont know what the modes are, there are the:
(I doubt I spelled all of those right)

Also, Maybe, when your practicing, every now and then have someone thats better than you at guitar look over you and tell you what your doing wrong(doesnt have to be a guitar teacher, but that would be best) so you can focus on fixing it. Some people dont realize their musical mistakes as well as others.

I hope this helped man! Rock On!
Sorry but the way you worded that is kind of funny. I wonder how long you have been playing for? I firmly believe anyone can learn to play guitar if they stick with it. I like to think of all the morons i know who can play guitar and think if they can do it I sure as hell can.
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