I just read that squiers, mexicans and american made strats all have the same bodies. Is that true? I mean, does the same machine turn the same woods into bodies that go into both squiers and americans?

If so, what're the differences?
difference is the quality of the woods and the amount of piece in each guitar

american strats probably have 2-3 whiles squiers have 5-7

1. they all have different quality of paint jobs.
2. Most Squiers are Agathis. I believe almost all Mexican and Americans are either Ash or Alder.
3. By holding both, they all have a different thickness of body.
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No that's not true at all.

All Squire components are made in Indonesia (I think), and while the wood might be the same species it's not the same quality. Size/Shape specifications are the same, however there's tighter quality control as you go up in price (squire - Mexi Fender - Japanese Fender - American Fender).

Now I'm pretty sure the Mexican Fender necks are made with the American necks in California but are made out of pieces of whatever wood that just barely don't make the cut for length (21 fret mex Vs. 22 fret American)... But I could be wrong on that.

Oh and the primary differences are the grade of the wood, the number of pieces bonded together to make the body (less is better, 1 is best, of course), and the quality of the finish.
i heard squiers and fenders are different thickness thats true.

but i was talking about the affinity series or whatever. ive read they were made of alder but it was several piece.

others are made of agathis as stated above by CORT noob

EDIT: wow i didnt read the question right i thought it was just talking about the wood. what CORT noob said is correct
yea squier affinity guitars are made of alder like mine I'm soo happy cuz i compared the size and weight with my friends jap strat and theyre the same size xD so pretty much Its the same body (aside from quality of the wood and the amt. of pieces, but I'm not that picky)
It's true that it's the same wood type, but the quality is and amount of pieces are different.

Wood isn't the big difference between American, Japanese, and Mexican fenders and Korean squires, it's the build quality, the fit and finish. Things like: the paint job: the fit of the neck, the fret work, the cleaness of the soldering/hardware instillation/hole placement, etc. I'm not saying that the cheap ones are going to fall apart, but they are not as sturdy and durable as the carefully made american and japanese ones as a rule of thumb, nor are they as comfortable to play. Simply replacing the electronics and bridge in a mexican fender or korean squire may make it sound the same as an american, but, 9 times out of 10, it still isn't going to feel nearly as nice or look as clean to the discerning eye.

maybe 5% of the extra cost is for better wood, 45 is for better construction and finish (plus better electronics and hardware), and the other 50 is for pricey ass U.S. and Japanese labor.