Im going on a 14+ hour roadtrip and i need some chill songs. I've got a few but i'd like more. So far the list is:

Always With You, Always With Me - Joe Satriani
Until We Say Goodbye - Joe Satriani
Tender Surrender - Steve Vai
Manhattan - Eric Johnson
For The Love Of God - Steve Vai (maybe)

I need maybe like 5 or 6 more preferably without singing and in the same feel.

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Joe Satriani - New Blues, Clouds Race Across the Sky, Day at the Beach, Is There Love in Space, Turkey Man
Steve Vai - Boston Rain Melody, Christmas Time is Here, Frank, Feathers
Eric Johnson - East Wes
Stevie Ray Vaghan - Riviera Paradise

also, Sleepwalk (any version)

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perhaps listen to some songs that aren't played by past G3 paticipants?

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Allman Brothers- Jessica, In Memory of Elizabeth Reed.
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