i dont know about MOST underrated but i really think Alex Van Halen isnt given the credit he deserves. Hes really a talented drummer. my whole view changed when i saw them live in chicago.
i was actualy about to say alex van halen

but umm peter criss is an amazing drummer whos not given enough credit

all KISS fans must agree with me
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Nick D'Virgilio. Excellent drummer. It would be nice to see him get recognition on a larger level
Zach Hill, look him up.
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Phil Collins
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Max Wienberg-The E Street Band, Max Wienberg and the Max Wienberg Seven.
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Mike Bordin of Faith No More and now Ozzy Ozbourne's band. a great drummer never given enough credit
Ginger Baker never gets that much respect. From good musicians who like a wide variety of music give him his respect, but most random drummers never really talk about him. John Densmore from The Doors too.
Ginger Baker and Mitch mitchell definitely.
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Max Wienberg-The E Street Band, Max Wienberg and the Max Wienberg Seven.
Yep, he's a great drummer
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Billy Ficca of Television
Great drummer overall. His ideas are genious. His drumming is criminally overlooked.

Lars Ulrich of Metallica
Okay, flame me or whatever, but alot of people hate on his drummin'. I know he's not the tightest drummer around and the sound of his drums might not always be the best, but his fills are really good in terms of creativity.
IMO, Steven Adler... Or he was. He wasn't that quick or anything but he really had a good feeling for rhythm. He got some pretty nice drumming on Appetite IMO.

I like him a hell lot more than Matt Sorum.
Too bad Adler is real f'cked up today...
Chad Channing (formerly Nirvana): everyone says he's sh-t but just becasue he doesnt hit the drums as hard as dave grohl did doesnt mean he sucks.
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