Anybody know where i can find clothes similar to Criss Angels.. Ive already tried hot topic. Any suggestions?
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are you going to be kriss angel for halloween?

hot topic. thrift store. your mom's closet. hollywood.

Aha wow a rational answer, good job
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Aha wow a rational answer, good job

Are you kidding me, " " is a completely rational answer
Leather pants - Search Google.
Affliction - Like said before, Google.
Cowboy boots - Google.
Cowboy hat - Google.

Yes Google is the answer.
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omg leik i want 2 buy cris angel cloaths sooo bad i want 2 dres liek a women n put on maikup n stuf lol itz almoast as bad as teh guy wantang 2 buy tom morelo cloaths lololol
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you "tried hot topic."

Epic Fail.


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