I remember a similar list posted in the acoustic forum, but that was literally about 2-3 years ago and I can't seem to find it.

I've been looking over the web. It's just a list of all chords and fingering shapes for them - no chord diagrams or anything like that. If someone has it or knows where I can find it, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks


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You could find that chart, or you could learn the fretboard and music theory. This way you wouldn't need to cheat yourself.
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i have that sheet of paper in my drawer, but im too lazy to go get it, but it does exist. try google images
Guitar theory is something that I'm still in the beginning phases of, but I need the list semi-urgently for the musical I am in. But thanks anyways . . .

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you could always learn it in some kind of music theory book or class, and if your that impatient, google that ****!!!!
Wal mart usually has a poster of guitar chords, I dont know if it has them ALL but enough to get you started.
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lol are ppl ignoring mah link, it seriously has ****ing ALL of them
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Awesome Keyphur. Thanks a lot dude. I was just digging through old guitar stuff in my room and found the list I'd printed out way back when (can't believe I still have it), but your link will be a great future reference.

~ Cheers


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if you learned one chord every second, it'd take you 11,000 YEARS to learn all of them.

so NO, i will NOT make you a chart with all of them. :-)
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go to sam ash, they have these guitar chord psoters that almost all of them
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lol are ppl ignoring mah link, it seriously has ****ing ALL of them

Well, not ALL of them. Keep in mind that there are tons more. This is why it's important to learn your chord theory, so you can figure out how to make your own chords without having to look for a chart every time you come across a chord that you don't know.