Hello again UG! Please take a few minutes to go listen to my newest song, Synaptic Misfire. You can hear it on my profile or at this address:


And if you listen, please, please comment! I love feedback, and I will return the favor if you provide me with a link. Thanks all!
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Sounds wild, I'm liking it... gives me Fantomas vibes, and some Meshuggah.
It's a little less melodic than I usually go for, but it definitely held my interest and was quite creative and great to listen to =D
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dude thats pretty sweet.
did you line in and use an amp simulator for the guitar. if not, what did you do?
if not i would guess a 57. what amp?
also, i wouold look into a different drum beat for the intro. thats mostly personal preference.
are you a drummer to, b/c that was actually some great drum arrangeing. nice job man.
Very nice odd-timing riffage ! =P

I don't know how you don't get lost while playing lol.

Like already said, the drums are very nice, are you a drummer?

The mix would maybe need a little bit more bass, maybe a louder bass drum or better, a bass. My speakers are **** too so it don't help lol =P

With vocals it would defintely be great too. Unfortunately it is not me who's doing mine on my songs, so I can't help you :S.

But this is very good, continue your great work =P
@ chea & max: No, I'm not a drummer, but I do love to play drums whenever I get a chance. I'm hoping to get a set within a year or so. I run my guitar straight through my Line 6 PodXT Live into a USB port on my computer. I would like to be able to put some bass on this track, but I only have a sh!tty four string bass that sounds like garbage when I try to drop it to A. I do have an 80 watt Peavey Bandit 112 but I rarely use it for recording anymore. Chea, I have a hard time seeing vocals on this track, but feel free to hit me with ideas you might have or something.

@ ever dying: No bass on this track yet. If you or someone you know could play bass for this, definitely let me know. Also, do you have any specific ideas about what could be improved?

@ iggy: Thanks for the listen and the feedback dude. I can't say I've ever really listened to Fantomas though.

Thanks to everyone for listening and giving me feedback, and if you want criticism on anything of yours just leave me a link and I'll get on it.
hey dude i dig this, just needs bass and vocals to give it that much fuller sound. tone is sweet, playing was pretty tight, loved the ending haha. i agree with the meshuggah feel. im guessing you used garageband if youre signed up to that site? and a pod xtl, sweet :P nice job man
@ juzcook: Actually I don't even have a mac, so I use Reason 3.0. I just really liked the layout of that site and how easy it was to discover music and be discovered. Sites like Purevolume don't have much of a community, so your music doesn't really get around much. I'd like to have Garageband though, I'm still waiting for the day when they make a Windows version. Yes the Pod was my big purchase this year, and I'm really happy with it. I'm looking at maybe a Variax for next year, or possibly a drum set. We'll see. Thanks for the feedback!