Is there somewhere on the Peavey website where I can input my 5150 combo serial number and determine the year of my amp? Or an independent website?
i went to peavey.com a while ago to look up the specs on my used cab from em, gave em the model number and serial in an email and they got back to me within about 2 hours. i think it was like a support email address


just give em the info and ask for the specs, should work.
Peavey's customer support is really good for this kinda thing.
send em an email man they'll get back to you pronto.

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call their customer service, their customer service is the best ihave ever dealt with in the musical instrument business, they still had some parts for my 1987 nitro and sent me a truss rod cover and shim for the stringlock free of charge.
Hmmm, I mailed Peavey a few days ago about when the Windsor Studio is coming out. I'm gonna have to send them another...
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