Uh, I actually posted this same thread in teh guitar building and modifying forum, but since Elec. Guitar gets more traffic, I figure I'll get better feedback here.

So, even though I actually just bought a guitar a few weeks ago, I'm still interested in maybe building my own.

Dad built himself a bass a few years ago, so I could probably get him to help with assembly. I was planning on ordering parts from Warmoth.

My thoughts as of now:

Tele Thinline body (unsure of the woods at the moment, would need some reccomendations there...)
Thin-ish neck profile
Neck P-90
Bridge lipstick tube

Basically, something that would give off a good assortment of clean/overdriven tones, and would work well for slide playing. That's all I've really got to have.

So, I need some help with this. what type of woods would I be needing here? The pickup combination any good? Different body would work better for me, maybe? Is the whole concept worth it?

Just rough ideas at the moment. would like some feedback, though.
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Hehe, I laughed when you said feedback. Lets hope it doesn't get bad feedback.

I like the idea. Looks mainly.
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the p-90's are sweet, but I don't know about the lipstick tube. You could build your own body I guess, but DO NOT try and make your own neck. That is a road you don't wanna go down, trust me.
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the P.90 in the neck is genius.

however i'd have a Seymour duncan single in the bridge instead of the lipstick.
possibly one of those Humbucker-in-a-single-coil things.
then you could have a coil tap or something - much more flexibility.

as far as body wood goes, i think mahogany would suit this build quite nicely.
it will emphasise the lows of the p.90 and make the single (if you decide on one) sound less harsh and twangy.
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Add an acoustic bridge pickup. All your pots are gonna be individual right? I'd probably go with a Gibson SG body, but the tele would be my 2nd choice.
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dido the guy before, don't make an effing neck, you WILL screw it up...

that said, make the rest of it, its worth the time.
Also, if you are going to use a hard wood like mahogany make sure you have really really good tools, other wise they will be destroyed. The harder a wood is the tougher to shape it is, and lots of sanding. Also estimate the weight becaue you don't want to have an anvil draped around your neck ( the guitar i made is beautiful, and has really unique sound, but its heavy as hell, like 14 lbs...).

Good luck, just set aside the time and money, its quite an adventure
Oh no, I'm not planning on actually cutting the wood or anything. just ordering the components and doing the assembly and wiring......i'm not THAT good....
I'd do it the other way around, but its your choice.
I'd want a P90 bridge for that bite and growl, then a lipstick in the neck for that clean shimmering glass tone.
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dido the guy before, don't make an effing neck, you WILL screw it up...

the term is "ditto" there bro
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Well, starting with necks - and seeing how you already plan on ordering from Warmoth - you'll probably want to go with just the standard thin neck profile. I've seen a good few of these and they're generally good quality.

Body wood choice would actually be somewhat dictated by your choice of slide. As you probably know, metal slides are a lot brighter than glass ones. Metal slides work well with a mahogany body/mahogany neck combination, but can be overwhelming with an ash/maple combo. However, the resonance chambers in the thinline body should counteract this. If you use glass, I'd suggest an alder body/maple neck with a maple fretboard.

The pickup configuration you want is not something I've seen before. Whenever I've seen a lipstick-tube p/up combined with anything other than another lipstick-tube, it's always been in the neck position. They are wound similarly to humbuckers, so - in theory - it could work. However routing could be a problem, especially if you find you don't like the combination and are stuck with that guitar body.
Well, the pickup positioning is really all guesswork: this is the main reason I posted my thoughts, to see how feasible the idea actually is.

If a P-90 would work better in the bridge, then fine with me, though I wonder about the looks of it. I just wanted to bring in some Danelectro-ish sound with the lipstick, and come to think of it most single-pickup Danos have them in the neck......

.....so, well, I dunno. If there was a way to mount the Lipstick tube UNDER the pickguard, I wouldn't have an issue (would even give off a pretty cool Esquire vibe).
Mounting it under the pickguard is possible, I've seen it done successfully with single coils. Would probably work best if you removed the lipstick-tube "casing" and placed it as close as possible to the scratchplate. Plus, if you find it doesn't work well, you can always route out a hole for it.
huh.....didn't think it was possible to take the casing off.....still, I'll ask around and see if it's feasable....

Would still like some opinions here.