First of all, I am not a "Metal Guitarist", I have really never played it, as much as I like to listen to it.

That being said... here's the link:

it's called "Scare Tactics"

Gear List:
Epiphone SG
Marshall MG15DFX
$10 Headset Mic
FL Studio

(Drums and bass created in FL Studio)
Original Songs by IggyG:
Hit My Name!
Nice guitar playing, and although this is not the most interesting song I've ever heard, there are some cool ideas in there, especially the soft part. The main riff thing was pretty boring though. That tapping section was also pretty neat sounding, you should just work on getting it a little cleaner.

Crit me here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=11300671#post11300671
I'm listening to it now. It's very reminiscent of old Iron Maiden. I can definitely hear some high pitched vocals over this. I love the part around 50 seconds. I really like the clean part, and the tapping part is cool too. I think it might be cooler if there was more build up in the clean part, but it definitely works how it is. Nice use of drums.

good work