I'm 17 years old and I'm about 5'11. I really would like to one day be like 6'1, 6'2 but can I possibly grow any taller at this age? I always thought that I'd get a growth spurt when I was like 15 or so but it never happened. Have I stopped growing? Is there anyway to tell?
you've stopped growing when you won't get taller....

some people stop growing when they're 15, some will when they are 25... something to do with puberty
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idk. im about 6'7'' and im 18. i hope im done growing but i havent really done any significant growing recently, been about the same over the past 2 yrs... i guess it all depends on your own endocrine system and whatnot....
If you've worn the same size shoe for a long time, that's an indicator that you're pretty close to being as tall as you're gonna be. feet stop growing first.
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Actually that's interesting because 2 years ago I wore a size 8 now I wear 10.5-11. I don't want to be like 6'9 or anything hell I'd even be happy with just an inch to push me over the 6' mark.
You pretty much won't know.

When you're 30 and haven't grown much in 10 years, thats when you'll know.
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you wont know right away, but if you havent gone vertical for a while, then im guessing, youve stopped growing.
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I'd say you're about done. You're actually in the same situation as me. I'm same age and same height. I havent grown in a year.
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dude dont complain im like 5'9 and im 17
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sometimes I have the feeling like Im still growing...but its not alot...maybe 1 centemeter year, over the past two years or so....and im 6'0 (maybe a bit more) right now so I could use an extra inch or two.
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If you've worn the same size shoe for a long time, that's an indicator that you're pretty close to being as tall as you're gonna be. feet stop growing first.

Oh well that's a bugger, I've been the same size shoe for about 4 or 5 years now (size 11).

(Almost) 18 and 5'9", have been for ages . I'd love to grow just a few more inches.
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you stop growing at around 21, so you still got some years left. don't get your hopes up too high tho, the most you grow is around 14-16
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I'm around 6'1 and I'm 15 so I hope to grow another 2 inches and then I'll be happy, although my feet aren't getting bigger any more
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You probably wont, my mum stopped growing in the six grade, so I dont think you will. But you never know.
uhhhh, yea