Uhh sounds sad I know
But i'm having trouble going from a palm muted note to an un palm muted note on a different string and back to a palm mute again, at a faily fast speed
Anyone got any palm mute excercises?
just takes alot of practice dude
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cyclobs you are demented..... in a good way
which is exactly what i've been doing
I'm asking if anyone has excercises for palm muting
like palm muting speed drills I guess but on multiple strings
yeah probly not but where else would you like me to put it?
It is an "advanced technique" A crappy one, Yes but still..
if you look down the page a little theres another thing on palm muting
it's there
It's not locked
So piss off
If your not going to answer my question, Or if your going to be a retard
**** right off.
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tbh dude, just take it slow, get some songs u like with a lot of palm muting and learn them and do it to a metronome and start slow, like anything with guitar it is just practise. soz i dont know of any actual excersies, but my palm muting skills came from wot i did above.
also pick placement helps, try using only the tip as it helps you move more fluid between each note and string, less likely to clip other strings.
i hope that some help, better than being berated hopefully, gd luck!
luke b
thanks I guess
I know how to palm mute and all I'm just looking for an excercise or two
Which I'm not sure anyone has