hello everyone on ug. this is my first post, and i'd like to thank you for all the great tabs, lessons and everything.
i've been looking around and haven't found any guide or post about the metronome.
correct me if i'm wrong and please give me a link, but if not - could anyone explain me how to use it ? what's the default bpm to play at ? and more is welcome.
thanks in advance
its always good to start slow. no such thing as default bpm. u can choose to practice a riff as 8th notes which means 2 notes per beat. triplets will be 3 notes per beat and 16th notes will be 4 notes per beat. This is all according to the time signature 4/4. of course there are 6 tuplets notes which means 6notes per beat and many more

for me, i start at around 80bpm fer 16th notes and slowly work my way up

as for a link, i dun really have one. sorry hope this helps

good luck