Here's a song I wrote with the help of my lead guitarist to get the crowd moving, hope you guys like it, I will crit for crit.

The tempo is medium to fast and both rhythm guitar and lead are electric.

I'm not a quitter, I will persist
I wont lose, this chance wont be missed
I don't take, I just give
I don't wanna die, when there is a reason to live

10 second solo-

I don't want to grow old and still be standing here in this same place, I'm not going to accept that I can't move onto the next stage. I'l cut down on the fags and the drink and clean up my act, no more will they see the lazyness and thats a pure fact.

I'm not one to gamble, I'd lose it if i did (it would all i go)
And when your skint you can't even lose a quid (but that you know)
I'm not one to shut my mouth when people say(don't hold back), we've all got our opinions and thats that at the end of the day (don't defend when they attack)

10 second solo-

I can't be stopped from taking this path that I choose, this scene might be tough but the winner never won saying he was going to lose. Why should it be that a decision I made back in the days of school, should affect the way i now live my life and add more rules?

I'm not one to complain, but i will speak my mind (I always do)
You can tell me i'm wrong, seriously thats fine (I'm not like you)
We all have our thoughts, they belong to us alone, (yes they do) if you share them with people who don't want to listen, you'll be on your own (why should i listen to you?)

This song could be a hit but of that I doubt (doubt)
I wrote it purely so people can dance and jump about (about)
I don't encourage you to live the life i have, those people who listen and think i wanna be like that (like that)

Guitar Solo:

Go make your life all that it can be
But if it goes wrong don't blame it on me
Follow your dreams with all your heart and mind
They will come along sooner or later, you'll see in time

And so on that note i end what i call a descriptive song
And i persuade you all to sing a long...NOW

It's your life go and make it the best (the best)
It's your life for the wicked there is no rest (no rest)
It's a tough life if you wanna rock and roll (rock and roll)
It's a tough choice but the devil wants your soul (your soul)
It's the last line i'l sing of this song (this song)
It seems dragged out but it's not, so long (not so long)

The bits in brackets are sung by the other vocalists.

30th October 2007- Paper Dreams - Written By Dan Freeman- All Rights Reserved ©


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