my family is having a holiday in america at christmas and i was looking at buying a american strat whilst we are there. any one know how much they cost
it should be around the $1000 range.
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U.S. retail/online prices from guitarcenter.com (and most other major U.S. retailers):

Fender American Strat HSS $974.99.
Fender American Strat SSS $984.99.
Fender American Deluxe Strat HSS $1,199.
Fender American Deluxe Strat SSS $1,199.

If you go into a retail store, like Guitar Center, you can usually haggle for as much as another 10% or more, off the selling prices I quoted. The Deluxe's SCN noiseless, pick-ups sound horrible, IMO, but the other main distinction is that the Deluxes have an LSR roller nut and locking tuners, which improve tuning stability.

If it were me, and if I were to buy the American non-Deluxe, I would have to install a better nut and tuners (the LSR nut needs to be professionally installed, and requires cutting part of the fretboard). If I were to buy the Deluxe, on the other hand, I would have replace the pick-ups (with, ironically enough, "Standard" Mexican Strat pick-ups, which I REALLY like). Unfortunately, Fender no longer makes a "perfect," out-of-the-box, premium Strat, IMO.
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watch out for import duty unless you are feeling lucky and decide to chance it through the green channel.

still don't know where you are from, but bringing a guitar into england, for example, costs a whopping 23% duty.
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bringing it to any country in the EU will cost you a 23% duty
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