I did a search and couldn't find anything, so does anyine here name their guitars? I named my explorer, my fave, after my other half-Katy

so what names do have you given them
i gave my alpine white les paul the name of TigerLily.


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I've named my squier Roland cause it was a good medieval name.
My Roland Cube is called Johnny, after the guy who advertises em.
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My Squier Stratocaster is called "Judith"...

Why? It's a tribute... Just listen to the song or watch the videoclip for "Judith" by the band "a perfect circle", and maybe you'll understand...
Or not...

My Lucida LK-2BK acoustic guitar is called "Amy"...

Don't ask why...
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oh, and my strat is named after an ex due to it being a complete dog of a guitar
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i named my SX strat Rachel!!

That's the name of the girl I love!
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All my guitars are named Molly, after my girlfriend.
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Named mine Richard, after my Guitar idol.
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Tina (Kramer Jersey Star), Lucy (modded Epiphone Les Paul Custom), Vibeke (modded Gibson Les Paul Classic Antique), Jill (Gibson Les Paul Classic) and Sylia (heavily modded Epiphone Les Paul Junior) are my guitars. Christie is my bass (a first-run Fender Aerodyne J-bass from before they got the Strat-style jacks). Belle (Fender MIM 'Fat' Stratocaster) is coming next, once I've finished modding her. All of them have custom truss rod covers with their names engraved, except Sylia, Belle and Christie, who have their names on the headstocks directly.

I've also got an Epiphone Joe Perry Boneyard signature LP, which doesn't have a name; it seems weird giving a name to something that already has 'Joe Perry' written on it.