Be on the lookout for an Ibanez RG320DX, deep/dark red in color (body), with "galaxy black" hardware, original humbuckers still intact, probably missing a knob (fell off in the house as they were taking it), or is now "two toned" if they replace it.

I'll have the serial up sometime soon, if I can find it in my documents.

This theft took place in Anderson, SC, so be on the lookout around there.

Please contact me if you see it, it is used of course... and has a tale-tale sign of it's usage, and what can identify it, something only myself and mother know of.

I know this probably won't help much, but I thought I would post this here... just on the off-chance that it does come up somehow.

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how did someone steal your guitar?

did you leave it out on your fornt yard on a tablke with a sign reading (steal me)?

nah im kiddin but seriously howd it happen? sorry for your loss mate...
I already didn't trust the guy (nervous rummager type)... didn't want him over, but mom let him stay for whatever reason...

Anyways, we think he was making deals over the phone to people (as several people have come forward and said that he did ask to sell it to them for whatever), but eventually, when mom had left, and I had my music going, he popped the locked door, and got out real quick with it ... I still don't see how I didn't hear any of that going on , even with the music loud you'd think I'd heard that... but by the time I noticed anything... and I got out to look, he already was gone... or so it seems so far.

And thanks for the condolences... it was my first "real" electric guitar that was worth anything. I had it set up perfect to!. At least I still have my main guitar, he didn't get anything else thankfully.
"grateful is he who plays with open fingers" - Me


i had all my stuff nicked out of the back of my car one night... kill the b@$7@Rd!!
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so you know the guys name and ****?? why not just gop to the cops or take it in to your own hands and find him and beat the **** out of him?
that suxks hope u find it
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yeah man,just report that piece of crap to the police...give him a punch if you can

you should be like ''wth is my guitar you piece of ****'' and before he can answer,punch him...and if that doesn't satisfy you,you can always continue with a ''so where isit punk hole? *punch* not talking huh? *punch* Now i see...you sold it on ebay huh? *punch* how much did you sell it man? *punch* we can do this alll day *punch*

Or you can just punch him and just continue whacking...maybe nudge him in the groin,or push him forward and step on his nuts <<now THATS COOL!!

Nuff said,feel free to improvise..
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At least you know who is was. I would make sure the cops (I hope you reported it to the cops) have a good description of the a**hole. Your mother let him in she must know who he is. Call all your local pawn shops and music shops get them on the lookout. If the cops get him make sure you prosicute. Lowlife like this deserve to spend time in jail. I feel for you I had two guitars stolen from me one by a so called friend and the other in the airport in Miami right out from between my legs as I was making a phone call to Mass for a ride. Keep checking Craigs list and put a message on it warning your guitar was stolen with a pic. Don't give out the complete serial number just the last few. People could easily fake a bill of sale if they have too much info.

My nephew had about 12 cymbals stolen at one of thier last shows and they were seen by several people but no one seemed to see who took the stuff.

Whatever happens keep us posted.

Is there a forum on the board to report stolen or lost equipment?

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report it to the police and they'll put out a report. if he tries to sell it to a shop or pawn it, they'll chech the serial # to see if it's stolen. otherwise i'd check craigslist or any other local classifieds you have in you're town.
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suck him off its the only way to get it bk
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get reverse info on the last few numbers he called. go to their house and have them charged wt possession of stolen property.

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Good, Idea Jenny! That's thinking. Not only could you possibly trace the guitar down you'll have known friends of the guy and he might be staying with them or they might know where the looser can be found.

Something smells fishy here. The mom lets this "stranger" stay over??? He is using your phone to sell the guitar??? The guitar ends up missing, you know the guy's name and the cops were not called?

Sounds like your mom's free-basing partner/lover got one over on you guys.

Don't be an idiot, call the cops and report it.
That is really horrible dude, I might want to let you know to check ebay to see if he is seeling it there. That's what happen to a paintball gun my friend had. Anyways, all the luck to you and I hope this guy get's caught. Who would steal an Ibanez anyway? lol jk dude it's a great guitar.
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Put a picture of your guitar on some milk cartons.

Just trying to cheer you up a bit. I am sorry it happened. Hopefully the guy gets caught and you get it back.
If that ever happens to me...someone'll get raped upside down.
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lawls dude if you REALLY want your guitar back guilt your mom into hiring a private investagator or ask to police to recomend one because my firends es-335 got stolen and it has a special zebra kinda of wood it was sweet (loads of $$) anyways he asked the police department to recomend a investagator and luckily one of the detectives played guitar and did it personally which was sweet because within 2 days he found the guy and every single detail and the funny thing is that they had no info on this guy at all and it was like a total random guy too which is funny beucase he found him in 2 days
Ya definetly notify all pawn shops in your area. My dad noticed that his stolen golf clubs were in the display window were I bought my guitar lol
report...report...report...did i say report???In my country the moped always get nicked and has 0.1% chance to recover it in place.This could be tricky dude.BTW sorry for ur lost...
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Wow shank that niggey
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