Hi, My friend was looking for a new guitar. He loves the look a Les Paul and everything about them, except for the size of the body. He likes thinner guitars. Is there any guitar that is shaped like a Les Paul but isn't as fat. If not, is there any guitar that has these features:
At least 22 frets
Two humbuckers
Fixed Bridge
Single Cutaway
His Price range is from $800 AUS to $1200 AUS

He plays mainly rock music, but does drift into other genres every now and then.
I think the PRS les paul stlye have a thin body, sorry I'm not more help
The ESP Eclipse guitars (A Les Paul shape with a pointier cutaway) are mostly contoured on the back to make them more comfortable, might be worth a look. Yamaha AES series axes are similar to Les pauls but thinner but to get a high quality one you'll need to spend at least $1000 AUS
The options already listed meet those criteria. I'm not sure how much that is US, but for about $400 USD you can get an Epiphone LP Ultra which has a thin chambered body and a sanded neck.
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Gibson Smartwood Les Pauls are thinner, if you can get hold of one!
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