Just an idea, but wouldnt it be expensive!
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not realy if you can find some ivory or a tusk that was taken before the ban and you cut it down but it would be hard to find a pice that large also would need lots of cleaning all the time would go brown from your fingers
Isn't Ivory supposed to be insanely heavy? Don't think your neck would stay straight for a week lol. Also, as far as I know there's a complete ban on the selling/buying of ivory.

That, and...Ivory's tone seems doubtful >_> not too sure because I can't say I've heard it before.
no ivory has good tonal responce problem is finding even ivory that size
its not ileagal if its old and was taken before the ban

i know this coz i have someivory its not that large though and its very very old over 100 years old
I think finding a straight chunk of ivory that big would be damn near impossible, even if it wasn't illegal.
And sanding/sawing it would smell really, really bad... believe me. If you've ever smelled a nail file, but make that scent a 100 times stronger, you get the idea. Although my experience is of moose horn.
very good idea but it would be hard to find a single piece that large that wouldnt cost your your house

go for ivory inlays instead would look nice
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like everyone saidcool ideabut it would be heavy.
thankfuly i made friends with the ownerof a custom gun shop
and receive small chunks of ivory which i use to make nuts.
and its not as hard as some people think it is to work with.
i use a dremel with a cut-off wheel.if you get a big enough chunk you can also make
volume and tone knobs to.
just wanted to give my opinion.

mike .n